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1-All best 12-2014



Lucky happy Clover

Still life Bright rare Orchids


Angel divine gaze

Field of pink poppies

a magnificent white horse

new Butterfly on pions flowers


Peony summer Warmth

Unicorn & golden tree shining in the morning sun ray

white unicorn in a magical forest lake lotuses

pair Cranes golden birds

painting Fresh and strong start with oranges!

painting Dreamy Red Poppy picnic

 lady with Shell stady William-Adolphe Bouguereau

Angel Ukraina

David is a masterpiece of Renaissance sculpture Michelangelo

New paintings

Study Leonardo da Vinci The Lady With the Ermine

Red peony with bees


Michael Jackson sunny MJ Portret

King Michael Jackson

Freddie Mercury Smiling eyes

Pink Flamingo birds

Study Leonardo da Vinci NEW The Lady With the Ermine

Totoro with friends

lily of the valley flowers

Wolf Husky dog Ukraine tale

Raspberries in a white pot

peacefully sleeping squirrel on hardboard


Delphins Huge family Love

Destined be together!

pink tea roses in a vase 2

Totoro hiding behind a tree

Totoro catbus ride

Rose vase

purple Totoro Bright clear night

Poppies wildflowers in vaseStill life Pansy

naughty parrot

Fruits basket with bird nest


masterpiece oil magnolia in vase

Still Life Fruits basket with bird nest


crystal cube may-lily in a vase

Claude Monet stady

Benedict Cumberbatch Romantic british date

Acacia vase flowers

gold Buddha Ukraine

drifting sea turtle Hawaii

Seaside Seascape returning home Ship

Golden Buddha

 Benedict Cumberbatch Romantic british date

Green planet Uranus landing shuttle astronaut equipment


Michael Jackson with kitten

Sea Ship

Hawaii turtle 2

painting Mommy Swan

Dolphins family travel


new Sea Ship

Egyptian God Amun - Solar Ram

Babylon Ancient Sumerian Art

Sumerian Anunnaki Flying Gods

Babylon Sumerian Anunnaki Flying Gods

Bastet – Egyptian Cat Goddess

Babylon Ancient Sumerian Art

Calm early morning horse

full moon golden mermaid

Taurus sign strength of the bull