Dreamy Red Poppy picnic 
Dreamy Red Poppy picnic 
painting Dreamy Red Poppy picnic

- original  Oil painting on Canvas 40 x 50 cm-
   This is my original oil painting made outside in fresh air this summer, 
using only best sennelier oil paints, painting knive and with addition some part of sun, nature and shiny positive mood.  

   It's almost first painting made by me, and I really sad about the idea of selling it to anyone, 
but it's my life and
I need your help to buy new paints, canvas etc ... or should I say I have so many plans for painting something even more in near future,
so buy it please and take a good care about it,

this painting is like a shiny morning sunrise in the first day of world creation itself. I hope it will make your home brighter and joyful.  

Thank you all for supporting 
original art work direct from me.
Your patronage
makes my new creations possible!

 You can contact me with any question
  I will appreciate it very much

     It's sold already...  .
Dreamy Red Poppy picnic Oil on Canvas 40 x 50 cm

This painting is the gift filled with God's love to all of us humans and the nature around us packed inside it.