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Dear expansive Internet traveler.

This    concrete  second    now, that   you are staying by my side here and   we had one thing like   light touch in common and   whatever it is -       it is! 
  just   that's why      now        you're here      and  All  is possible!  

Please feel free to stay here, 
with me

as long as we both  can maintain our own inside peace 
and  clearly see small and simple pieces of love,
wovened   into molecules, atoms and  photons of   light   everywhere... 
All   I can hope for, 
that you'll like my original art work so much 
that my painting will materialise and shine
 in Your life  for better future. 

So You can happily and safely buy the painting direct from me.

THE one You like.
be sure it was passionately created  just for You.
When you see it - you'll feel it,
it'll help to make choice  from products of my hard work,
numerous stile searches, 
creativity and
stream of imagination... 

   And  Let each of  my oil-paintings bring You 
so much  Joy,    Love       and      Happiness  into your  life-stream  
as it is possible for a simple tool of my creation.

this is the places for my inspiration!


Here I am usually work, 

le me working

and  make my modest masterpieces