Thank you all for supporting 
.original art work direct from me.
Your patronage   makes my new creations possible!  


  Works by emerging artists such as me  have the potential for increasing in value and leading to future gains, 
      and they are also much more affordable than bigger name artists and much easier to access.

 Older paintings 2016-2015..

Lucky happy Clover

Still life Bright rare Orchids

Angel divine gaze

Field of pink poppies

Peony twigs in the garden

Peony summer Warmth

Lemon sour taste

Acid Lime

Benedict Cumberbatch Romantic british date

painting Dreamy Red Poppy picnic


Angel Ukraina

Redhead Angel

New paintings

Study Leonardo da Vinci The Lady With the Ermine

Raphael Lady With Unicorn

Angel divine gaze peacefully observing

Buddha gray

Pink Flamingo birds

Hedgehog kitten

Dolphins family travel

Dolphins family Love

Wolf Husky dog Ukraine tale

Raspberries in a white pot

Hedgehog in the Fog

Delphins Huge family Love

Destined be together!

Angel divine gaze

Christmas tree gifts kitten

Rose vase

Rose vase

Poppies wildflowers in vaseStill life Pansy

naughty parrot

Fruits basket with bird nest

Still Life Fruits basket with bird nest


crystal cube may-lily in a vase

Buddha meditation Tree

Benedict Cumberbatch Romantic british date

Acacia vase flowers


Waltz Chopin piano fuchsia love

Seaside Seascape returning home Ship

Golden Buddha

 Benedict Cumberbatch Romantic british date

Green planet Uranus landing shuttle astronaut equipment


Michael Jackson with kitten

Sea Ship

Hawaii turtle 2

painting Mommy Swan

Koi Koi goldfish

new Sea Ship

Egyptian God Amun - Solar Ram

Babylon Ancient Sumerian Art

Sumerian Anunnaki Flying Gods

Babylon Sumerian Anunnaki Flying Gods

Babylon Ancient Sumerian Art

Calm early morning horse

Taurus sign strength of the bull

and all more others.

Oil paintings are durable and longevous - more than 50 years. 
Their colours almost zero fading. 
So this is why my painting made using best french oil paints can please your family for decades!
Buying art as an investment might not be an purpose for you now, and you may wish to never resell 
my works in the future. But even so,

it's such an exciting thought to suppose that my work you are buying here could be a future art star -
 even like the next Salvador Dalí - and that you was exactly that one who got there first. 

You can contact me with any question 
I will appreciate it very much. 

Exhibition-2015-03-02  Angels for the cyborgs